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Blue Agave - Terra Clay Paint by Dixie Belle

Blue Agave is named after the Agave Tequilana plant. This inviting blue-green color is a desert-inspired gem! Available in 16 oz.


Dixie Belle's clay paint Terra Clay Paint is an anything goes, no rules, artisan paint. It comes in 18 beautiful colors. This is the most playful version of paint we carry and it's perfect for blending, creating textures and layers. You can use a brush, knife, even your fingers to apply! It reactivates with water, which allows your create artistic and unique finishes. Excellent for blending and layering.


How to use

  • Use Terra Clean or White Lightning to de-grease and remove all dirt and debris from your project! The proper cleaning and prep is essential for proper adherence!
  • Really no rules except it must be sealed! This clay based paint reactivates at any time prior to sealing, like literally! You can paint it, walk away for 2 months, come back and spray it with water and it reactivates, so you have to seal it to protect it. 
  • Lays lovely with one of our natural bristle brushes.
  • Terra Seal is a sealer that offers a water-resistant finish for all of your Terra projects!
  • Terra Wax is perfect for providing a rock-hard finish that will preserve your details instead making them appear blurry or flattened!
  • Use our Burnishing Pad to remove excess wax approximately 2 hours after waxing
  • Approximately 24 hours after waxing, use these Buffing Pads to seal and shine!


Dixie Bell Terra Clay Paint has a matte finish and should be sealed with our Oil Based Terra Wax or our Flay Terra Seal, but you can use Dixie Belles Topcoats such as Clear Coat and Gator Hide over the paint.

Blue Agave - Terra Clay Paint by Dixie Belle

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