White Lightning Cleaner 8oz (236ml)

White Lightning will de-grease and remove all debris from your furniture, kitchen cabinets or whatever you want to paint. White Lightning will prep your piece and help you achieve the best outcome for your painted masterpiece. 


How to use Dixie Bell White Lightning Cleaner

Step 1:

Using gloves, mix 2 tablespoons of White Lightning with one gallon of hot water until dissolved.


Step 2:

Dip a lint free, clean cloth in White Lightning, squeeze excess, and wipe down your piece.


Step 3:

To get rid of the residue, wipe down again with a new clean cloth and clean water.


Step 4:

Your piece is now clean of grime, grease, and dirt!

Do not let puddles develop. Let dry prior to painting.


Customer Reviews

“Where as this been all my life? Amazing product. I would have never thought furniture would be so dirty until I started using this. I love that it last for a long time!” 


“I recently did a demo cleaning away dirt from an item stored in the barn. Not only did White Lightning loosen that dirt, it continued to clean as I rinsed with clean water. Amazing cleaner without an obnoxious odor.”


“I used this before I painted my kitchen cabinets!! Did an awesome job cleaning all the icky stuff off! Will definitely buy again!!”


“I have used numerous different cleaners on my furniture for prepping and Dixie Belle White Lightning is hands down the best! The dirt and grime that this removes is amazing!”


“Where as this been all my life! Amazing product. I would of never thought furniture would be so dirty until I started using this. I love that it last for a long time!”


“Gets a surface clean clean. You think it's clean? Clean again with this product, you will be amazed! Don't use anything else.”

White Lightning Cleaner 8oz (236ml)



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