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Can I Cut Decor Transfer?

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

You wouldn't be happy to find the decor transfer you wish to use for your project is bit too large or the image need to adjust the position. If that happens, just cut the decor transfer to fit them on the surface of your project.

This is an example, I have got a request from my client who wish to have a filing cabinet but it must be made from wood and design must be uniqe and simple elegant scheme. I have found this wooden cabinet and offered ideal of design, which is paint it linen color with rustic top and beautiful decor transfer on the drawers.

I have chosen main color from L’ESSENTIEL BOTANICS Ultimate Finish Mineral Paint, color called Belgium, it's classic linen white, for decore transer, i have chosen Redesign Decor Transfer called Moment, this graphics is elegunt and simple, that matchs my cliens' needs.

BUT there was a couple of issues. The decor transfer din't fit well in each drawers. I slightly needed to adjust each images layout to fit them to each drawers. The other probrem is if I peel backing paper all way down, the graphic may stick wrong part of drawers while I work on the first drawer. So what i did was cut the transer partially and layed them on these three drawes.

Sanded the top, wiped well and sealed with gogeouse L’ESSENTIEL BOTANICS Hemp Infusion Oil. This Hemp oil is magical, reviving beautiful timber, applied two layers of

beautiful linen color paint Belgium from L’ESSENTIEL BOTANICS Ultimate Finish Mineral Paint, let dry and ready to apply these decor transfer. Of couse added new knobs too!

How does the cabinet look like now? Well, I belive it turned up quite well.
Beautifully added Redesign decore transfer, Moment

Applied L’ESSENTIEL BOTANICS Hemp Infusion Oil after heavy sanding

Interested? Why not give a decor transfer go for your project!

Happy upcycling!

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