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Is applying decor transfer difficult?

This topic seems like getting populer among people like me flipping old peice of furniture. Many of you must be interested in how to use these beautiful decor transfer. I will create more decor transfer tutorial in the future.

I have done quite lots of furniture revamp and home decor upcycling with Re design & IOD decor transfer. Most of them turned out amazing. I really think this is one of the most easiest but effecttive way to upgrade your work. There are so many upcyclist nowady. If you are flipping old peice of furniture for sale, you may want to consider to use these decore transfer to make your piece outstand in the market. Even if you are not selling anything for money, this can be fun project for you to play with (and with kiddos). Do you think this products are hard to use, the answer is yes and no. Why yes and no? I'll show some showcase what I did in the past.

This is how you can use Re design & IOD decor transfer.

Doesn't it seem like easy work does it? Most of time I found adding decor transfer is easy. Applying to raw wood, chalk painted surface or even wall. These surface has some theeth that decor transfer grips well. For example these projects I did was very easy peasy to applied them.

The other hand, there is some hard work requires for decor transfer if you want to use it for super smooth surface such as mirror. I did up a display cabinet with mirror backing. I applied the beatiful transfer onto the mirror. It was not easy as you really need to rub hard as there is no grip on mirror. But you defenitly can use these decor transfer on mirror!

You can imagin mirror is super smooth so there is no way to rub decor transfer easily. You really use your fingers and rubing stick as hard as possible! What do you think why the last phot is included in the hard work category? The answer is it was applied over the sealer. My client bought this halway table that I painted and sealed. She found the transfer will be a great addition for this table and I applied it over sealer that was smooth as. If you plan to seal your project, I highly reccomend you to seal the paint after transfer applied.

Overall, applying Re design & IOD decor transfer to your projects are not hard at all as you can watched the video. What you need is image where decor transfer lays, peel the backing paper, use the rub stick that comes with (the rubing stick doesn't come for knobs but you can use plastic card etc) and seal it for protection.

Happy upcycling!

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