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Toucan - MINT Decoupage Paper available in Brisbane Queensland Australia. Austra
MINT decoupage papers are all designed especially with furniture art and refurbishment in mind.Please note that these images and this particular paper have been paired very carefully with absolute artistic merit in mind. The purpose is to create a piece that is as authentic looking as is possible. They are intended to look like an actual artwork on your piece - and your piece then becoming the artwork. As such, depending on your method of application you can expect a different outcome - straight decoupage application will result in your paper being ever so slightly crinkled (though flat) which can assist in making your piece look authentic. Whereas, the iron on method of decoupage will result in your paper being very flat and clean on your piece.Each image should be applied using an image medium such as Mod Podge. Your image can be finished with the same image medium or you can opt to use the Dixie Belle Clear coat which is also a very popular option.

Toucan - MINT Decoupage Paper

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