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KACHA Engraved Medallions - Redesign Mould

25.4 x 12.7 cm (5" x 10") 8mm thickness

Gorgeous ornate moldings can be seen all over Versailles. Create your own with Kacha’s new Decor Mould, Engraved Medallions, which features two large and two small medallions. You may layer a small medallion center on top of the larger piece to create a wonderful 3D effect, or use them separately! Use Decor Moulds with quick set resin, Modeling Material, paper clay, hot glue, etc., to create your own beautiful castings for use on furniture, decor, and more. Since our Moulds are also food safe, feel free to use them with fondant, melting chocolate, and other candies. 1 pc.

KACHA Engraved Medallions - Redesign Mould

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