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Decorative Corner Piece set-FW07 - FlexiWood heat bendable flexible furniture appliques, mouldings

Dimensions Set of 2 15.5cm x 6cm


Decorative corners serve to frame and ground your beautiful central work or decorative moulding. Corner decoration is easy with these elegant trims, whether you chose to place one in every corner or in opposite corners, the focus will change with each placement. Try them out and have fun.


FlexiWood mouldings are heat bendable appliques and trims made from wood pulp that has been derived from wood processing byproducts.


What makes FlexiWood special? Put simply, you just 'heat & bend'. Using a heat source such as a heat gun, hair dryer or electric frypan, flexibility and elasticity is activated in the FlexiWood. This allows it to wrap, bend, and conform to almost any surface. Magic right!


How do you bond it to your surface?
Use any wood glue available from craft or hardware stores to attach you FlexiWood mouldings. Using a brush or your finger make sure that the entire underside of your FlexiWood is coated with wood glue before applying to your project. This will ensure maximum bond and longevity.


What can you use FlexiWood on? FlexiWood is designed and created for almost any art and craft work you can think of as well as being able to be uses for outdoor applications. Use FlexiWood for furniture makeovers, home decor crafts, mixed media projects, walls, ceilings, windows, seasonal crafts, jewellery, outdoors and more!


PLEASE NOTE: Don’t try to bend your applique without warming it with a hair dryer first as it will break.

FW07 Decorative Corner Piece set - FlexiWood

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