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DAS Air Dry Clay available in Brisbane Queensland Australia. Australia wide shipping daily.

DAS clay is a fine and even self-hardening modelling clay, suitable for a wide range of art and craft projects. With DAS, no baking is required – it simply dries when you leave it out to air. Drying time is roughly 24 hours per centimetre of thickness. DAS is dermatologically tested, gluten-free, and is easy to washed off hands with soap, as well as most fabrics at 40°C in the washing machine.

It’s a very malleable clay and is easy to smooth. Once dry, it remains solid and strong, and it can be decorated with poster paint and acrylic varnish. DAS clay is PVC free and contains no softeners, only vegetable binders. Not recommended for children below three years of age. DAS has been Dermatologically tested, and has been made in Italy since 1963.

DAS Air Dry Clay

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