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My Stencil Lady Designer Transfers - T152

Transfers for Shabby and Rustic Styles 
Beautifully designed and created, these Designer Transfers make transforming your project into something extra special in no time.

There’s no time waiting for drying or messy rubbing off crumbly wet paper. There’s no looking like it’s a sticker. These transfers are perfect for a beautiful  finish or a little rustic and worn look, as you can sand and age with your  painted furniture or decor project and add layers as you like.


2 Sizes available, image scaled to suit each
Large A4 Sheet (210x297mm)
XLarge A3 Sheet (297x420mm)


We recommend ‘Mezzie’s Modge’ by mezzie + frank or L'essentielclear glaze


  • Simply brush the paste generously and evenly onto the project area (not the transfer). We recommend using a flat edge instrument ie. card or ruler that’s the width of the design to smooth out the paste for a better result.
  • Lay down the transfer (image down) - careful not to move it once in place.
  • Rub it on using the supplied card with medium to firm pressure. Ensure the full design has been rubbed over.
  • Lift up the transfer paper - you can check a corner and lay it back down to 
    rub some more if needed, but do not let paste dry with paper still down.
  • Once transfer and modge have fully dried, seal with a light coat of wax or quality clear sealer.



  • Cut around each image for individual transfer when more than one image supplied on the Designer Transfer sheet
  • The smoother the surface and paste are, the more even the transfer will adhere.
  • Once dry, you can layer another Designer Transfer on top of, overlapping or next to the current transfer. Or layer a stencil over for something extra special.
  • You can extend out the paste to blend in with the project surface if required. Or soften in with a little sanding of the paste surrounding the image if there's a distinct line of paste.
  • Sand back with an extra fine sanding block to age it with your painted furniture.


Full images with instructions are included with your Designer Transfer, along with your very own plastic card for transferring your image. For best results use on light coloured foundations - Not recommended for dark surfaces. These Designer Transfers are transparent. 


Designer Transfers are uniquely designed, created and printed in Australia by My Stencil Lady.

My Stencil Lady Designer Transfers - T152

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