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A1 Decoupage Fiber - SOULFUL BOND

Approx 59.4 x 84 cm


The Redesign with Prima® A1 Decoupage Fiber Paper, “Soulful Bond,” captures a moment of timeless connection and elegance between a beautiful white horse and her equally stunning owner, a lady exuding grace and poise in an elegant dress. This decoupage fiber paper, is a masterpiece of equine and human connection, embodying the deep bond that exists between horse and rider. Our A1 Decoupage Paper is incredibly easy to use. Simply measure and cut the desired amount of paper, add Decoupage Gel on the prepared surface, set paper on top and smooth it with the Scraper Tool or Brayer. Our Décor Tissue Paper is created for use on walls, furniture, and other décor items.

This A1 Decoupage Fiber is tough enough to handle a makeover on anything from a statement wall to a charming old chair.

Grab it, get creative, and let your space tell its own story.

A1 Decoupage Fiber - SOULFUL BOND

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