L’ESSENTIEL BOTANICS Metallic Paint 250ml

L’ESSENTIEL BOTANICS METALLIC PAINT comes in 4 beautiful colors, Soft Gold, Brushed Silver True Copper and Rose Gold. These lovely L’ESSENTIEL BOTANICS Metallics will give you a smooth, elegant sheer finish and if used over BOTANICS furniture paint as a base coat in similar tone, you will create a more opaque solid finish. It is self leveling and quick drying.This is your perfect go to product for all of your furniture and craft painting projects. Minimal prep is required. It is suitable for many applications including painting artists' canvases, painting metal and using as a stencil medium. Suitable for interior and exterior. 

L’ESSENTIEL BOTANICS furniture paint Metallics are water based, eco safe, zero voc.

L’ESSENTIEL BOTANICS Metallic Paint 250ml



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