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Upcycling Idea

I go to local market some weekends and enjoy its atmosphere, walking around with fresh cup of coffee, chat with people, allow me to find hidden great, unique pieces for less. I usually get few bits from great treasure hunt. Some of them are added to my collections, some of them are for flipping. Many moons ago I found this window at local market. It was in perfect condition, all the glass was in place and I just loved it. I removed original rusted hinges and light sanded for clean looks.

I love how she looks now and I had her for a while but my brain tells me I ganna do something with her.

I have had few idea how to play with her. This time I choose to use a beautiful decor transfer from Re design Transfer - Wild Rose sand add some brass hooks and one of my favorite decorative white hook to repurpose her to window wall hanging.

I need one decor transfer for center piece of glass, 3 hooks plus decorative hook for the side. The decor transfe was bit too larger than the glass so I trimed it down a bit to fit. I measured in the middle of the each pane for the placement of the hooks. Great things about these little tresures are, you don't need to spend your time much. All what you need for this type of project is rub your choice of decor transfer to the surface you whish to lay, drills few holes and screws in the hooks in place and ready to go. You don't even need power tool. If you have power tools, that makes your project even easier and faster. Even if you don't have matched hooks, who cares! You can use different shape, color size of hooks, or may use beautiful knobs too.

Tada! It's done and dusted in 15 minutes! Rustic meets elegance and practical. Can you believe this? Spend your 15 minutes and make such a statement upcyced decor. This will be a great addition in my collection or for my retail space. Im quite excited how this old window turned out. Isn't she so pretty?

If you have some old piece of wood, door or windo frame, why not to upcycle like this?

Happy upcycling!

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