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Upcycling tipical old orange furniture to modan rustic furniture

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

I believe you would have an old piece of furniture or two waiting for your magical hands. Do you just paint them or do you want it to be more special looks? I sometimes paint whole piece but many times I would leave timber somehow. I got a pretty pair of bedside table for upcycling. I was thinking to paint whole or leave the timber top and paint only body.

I had exactly same pair in the past. I painted all white at the time that gave them a pretty looks but this time, due to the deep scratches on the top, I wanted it to be nice and smooth by sanding. Below is what I did last time.

Anyhow, I start sanding the top. It is not easy as I hope but this process is important to give nice finish in the end. If you have ever sanded timber, you know what is going to happen! Sanded the top really well and clean the surface for later. Then lets paint the body with choice of color. This time I used Léssentiel Ultimate Finish Mineral Paint color called Stockholm. This color is soft grey, beautiful classic color goes many decor. It's covorage is superior, self priming, self leveling & self sealing. It is a dream painto to work with.

Léssentiel Ultimate Finish Mineral Paint Stockholm
Coffee table painted with Léssentiel Ultimate Finish Mineral Paint Stockholm

Ok friends, time to paint!

First coat took 10 minitus and 15 second on single bedside table. I applied second coat in half an hour to finish painting job. Do you use right brush for your project? Brush is super important for painting. I'm using oval high quality Synthetic bristle brush. This brush is perfect to work with. Leave less brush stroke!

While secound coat of paint is drying, it's time to give magical treatment for the sanded top. I don't waste my time. I want to finish this project within a couple of hours! Firstly pour L'essentiel Hemp Infusion oil and spread over and added L'essentiel dark Beeswax Polish. L'essentiel bees polish wax do not contain harsh solvents, made from highest quality cosmetic ingredients. Many wax in market contain harsh solvents. If you use wax for furniture that little people use, you need to consider what you use.

Left is raw and the right is after applied L'essentiel Hemp Infusion oil and L'essentiel dark Beeswax Polish. Do you see the beautiful rustic top? I absolutely love it! By the way ou don't need to wait L'essentiel Hemp Infusion oil to dry. Wax applied straight after hemp oil coverd the top. The beswax gives very smooth but hint of buttery finish that I am in love.

I love how they turned out. It the color of paint I selected matchs the rustic schemes. I'm glad I slightly sanded the edges on body and drawers. The new brass knobs was perfect selection for this finish. Hope you like this upcycled furniture as much as I do.

Happy Upcycling!

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