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Ugly Duckling can be Pretty?

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

I found this small cabinet/console table the other day, pretty isn't it. If you think it is, you have same upcycling fervor like me. I believe many of people out there think "oh what a ugly thing." or "who want it.". Yes I do want to give this little tresure my hands to make it prettier than ever. Yes I like challenge.

The backing had two ugly holes so I want it remove and replace a new panel. I removed all hinges. I can see the previouse owner didnt removed hardwares, they all were painted and didn't open smooth from old thik paint. You can see several color of paint was layered, it dried into the joints.

I boiled water, tossed baking poweder and all hinges and simmer for half an hour.

It took just over half an hour to get this result. Not too bad. Used old tooth brush to remove paint that already soften by the boiling. I also cleaned up screwes at same time.

This time I have chosen the color is from L'essentiel Ultimate Finish Mineral Paint New York Cab. It's such a sunny inviting color. This cabinet is like retro looks and I wanted to add her character with color. When I paint bright color, I usually apply base coat (primer). Thas not why I worried about bleed, Because I want the true color pop up over different color. I used All in one primer in white color, which is water based stain blooker. This will assist to enhance actual color of the vivid yellow. I also used embossing paste to create bet rough texture on the doors and top. It gives her bit of charactoer too. Onec the embossing paste dried, I painted over. I will post how to use embossing paste near future.

Introduce new her. isn't she inviting? I love the way she turned out. This would be perfect for someone who love retro or playing room.

Do you think yellow is not too bad color to paint? I quite like this color.

Happy upcycing!

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