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Stain Blocker, is it?

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

I am sure no one want to see your painted furniture get bleed over the coat of paint/sealer. It does make you sad and feeling almost give up. I had many experience with awful bleeding came through after layers of chaky paint. It defenitly made me down.

How can we stop stain bleed? There are few options. I wrote about this topic in the past. You may want to read it (Apply Primer or not?). Also there is another great solution to stop tanning bleed by using L’ESSENTIEL BOTANICS Crystal Clear Topcoat. What? Using topcoat as base coat? Doesn't it sound weird? I thought untill I saw many results.

L’ESSENTIEL BOTANICS Crystal Clear Topcoat has stain blocking properties so I can use it as primer. When I want rustic looks on my projects, I distress paint, I want to show timber color. If I applied base coar/stain blooker, use some colored paint and distress the paint, obviously the base coat color matters because base coat/stain blocker will appre when distressing. Most of stain blocker or primer is tinted white or grey. It appers when distressing. In that case, I use L’ESSENTIEL BOTANICS Crystal Clear Topcoat. I found it is very handy product to have. It can be used as stain blocker and also topcoat (of course!!). It is one of hardest wearing top coat I used in the past, great for outdoors as has UV protection, cure in 7 days and water base. You can use it brush, roller or spray gun. L’ESSENTIEL BOTANICS Crystal Clear Topcoat is thick in bottle, you can dilute up to 10%. When I apply it with high quality brush, pour Crystal Clear Topcoat in a small containar and add small mount of watter to thin down. It will help you apply it nice and smooth.

L’ESSENTIEL BOTANICS Crystal Clear Topcoat is one of my MUST go product for my furniture flipping life. If you don't stock primer, using this non yellowing fab item save from stain bleeding.

You don't need to worried about tanning any more!

Happy painting!

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