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Antique Sewing Machine Table

I sometime receive unique furniture for restore. My client owns old antique sewing machine table that was passed by their grand mother. The machine itself is not in working condition but overall the table is in nice condition apart from timber stain.

My client sent me a photo of their desired finishing image, white drawes with dark table top. I sure can achive the finish but I defenetly need to give special treatment for this old lady.

Firstly all main part, table top, machine cotehr, drawers and iron base need to be disassembled. This is one of the tough task through this costom work as old piece of furniture usualy comes with rusted screws or/and scrwers are placed unfrtendly place that would be hard to unscrew.

My guess was right, all screws were pretty rusty and most of screws were placed in verry narrow space where screw driver hardly reach. Some of veneers were apart so repair was needed.

I can imagine if I paint body in white would bleed so I applied L'essentiel All In One Base Coat , that is water base but also stain blocker. Yes L'essentiel All In One Base Coat is a water base stain blocker! No more nasty smell like oil based shellac primer. And it very silky finish that assist paint runs smooth over All in one.

Applied L'essentiel All In One base Coat tiwce just in case. It will help for avoiding stain bleeding. By the way because L'essentiel All In One Base Coat is water base, I can use high quality brush to avoice brush stroke too.

Next step is remove yukky rusted paint. This time I used stainless brush and scrubbed chunky paint really hard with running water.

Once the base was completly dried, time to apply rust gard. This time I choose Dulux Metal shield epoxy enamel. This spray doesn't require primer so easy to apply. There are three finishing, gloss, satin and flat.

I used one spray bottle that was more thank enough for this base.

Next thing is the wood top. It looks ok in the phots but it was greesy and stain was partialy faded. In this case due to sensitive old wood, I did wet sanding. Wet sanding with fine sanding paper avoiding givimg damaging to wood, it removes old paint or stain gently.

Wip off durty wet surface and let the surface completely dried for next project. Once it's dried, it is time for give special treatment which I love. Using L'essentiel Hemp infusion oil and L'essentiel Dark Beeswax polish to give the thirsty wood moisture and durability.

L'essentiel Hemp infusion oil rejuvinates the original wood grain and L'essentiel Dark Beeswax polish add depth of brown color. Because I use hemp infution oil, dark wax color lighter than using itself, it means I can control color better. Here is another post I talked about these two combinatio.

There we go. The old lady had face lift up. She turned modern rustic style. The top absoltuly got better looks as well as all drawers and iron base.

Happy upcycling!

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