Antique Sewing Machine Table

I sometime receive unique furniture for restore. My client owns old antique sewing machine table that was passed by their grand mother. The machine itself is not in working condition but overall the table is in nice condition apart from timber stain.

My client sent me a photo of their desired finishing image, white drawes with dark table top. I sure can achive the finish but I defenetly need to give special treatment for this old lady.

Firstly all main part, table top, machine cotehr, drawers and iron base need to be disassembled. This is one of the tough task through this costom work as old piece of furniture usualy comes with rusted screws or/and scrwers are placed unfrtendly place that would be hard to unscrew.

My guess was right, all screws were pretty rusty and most of screws were placed in verry narrow space where screw driver hardly reach. Some of veneers were apart so repair was needed.